(Additional Speakers Added Weekly)

Lou Kerner


Blockchain Coinvestors


I’ve been focused on crypto 24/7 since seeing the crypto light on June 29, 2017.

I’m a Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors, a crypto fund-of-funds and CEO of Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp., a SPAC focused on merging with a rapidly growing crypto compnany. We also do 30+ one off crypto investments a year.

I also build crypto communities, including CryptoMondays, one of the largest crypto Meetup group in the world. I’m also an active crypto blogger via Medium, now as part of Quantum Economics.





Game Developer & Multimedia Artist, Design & Community Guild Co-Facilitator at CityDAO





VC: a100x, Securities lawyer media commentator. Part of wef/Wharton dao paper

Patrick Workman


Unlock Protocol


After building ecosystems to scale revenue at Instagram, Pinterest, & Experian, Patrick joined Unlock to enable a new business model for the web. He’s responsible for growing the ecosystem of contributors to Unlock Protocol. Unlock is a web3 protocol for memberships as NFTs, enabling developers, creators, and organizers to create direct relationships with people, without the need for 3rd party applications or platforms.

George Dowd

G. Dowd Law, LLC


George Dowd is an attorney and also provides subject matter expert consulting services related to the foreign exchange, futures, cryptocurrency, and metals markets. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the College of the Holy Cross, a J.D. from the DePaul University College of Law, and is admitted to practice law in Illinois. He served on the Board of Directors of the Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association in 2020 and 2021.

Jules Miller


Mindset Ventures



Jules is a Partner at Mindset Ventures, investing in early stage enterprise tech startups including Web3.  She is also actively working on VC3, an investment DAO, in partnership with the Kauffman Fellows network.  Previously Jules co-founded IBM Blockchain Ventures, and was a serial entrepreneur in the legal tech space.  She earned her BA from UCLA and her MSc from The London School of Economics.

Cory Feco




Jordan Teague


The Antifirm


Jordan co-leads The Antifirm, a crypto native law firm based in the U.S. The Antifirm focuses on governance, regulatory, and other legal issues facing web3 organizations.

Marshall Lipman




Marshall co-founded SporosDAO which builds solutions to make it easy for DAOs to reward contributors with ‘sweat equity’ tokens that contain governance rights while complying with US legal, tax, and securities regulations but with minimal administrative overhead. We believe upside should be shared by those who provide real value to a project, not just those who are in the boardroom.

Niklas Rindtorff




Niklas is a physician scientist and founder of LabDAO, a community-run network of wet & dry laboratories. Prior to launching LabDAO he was a researcher at the Broad Institute and the German Cancer Research Center.

Yemel Jardi




🎩 Working as Committee Member at Decentraland’s DAO.
💪 Running operations at one of the most active DAOs.
👨‍💻 Background in Software Engineering. Blockchain Veteran.
🚀 An early contributor to Decentraland (2016-2017).

Maja Vujinovic




In 2005 Ms. Vujinovic identified a global need for mobile payments and went on to acquire and develop over $700M assets across SubSaharan Africa and Latin American. This led her to Bitcoin and DLT in 2010 and since, has been an avid builder and an investor in some of the top projects. In 2013, Maja was also involved in buying a first bank that held Tether. In 2014, as a CIO of Emerging Tech at General Electric, she was the catalyst for blockchain across a variety of businesses which gave her a deep insight on the convergence of smart contracts and incumbents trajectory. After GE, Maja developed OGroup focused on investments and scale of protocols and projects across Web3.
Currently, her focus lies in helping digital asset/crypto companies scale and exit through operational know-how, growth and through M&A. Second, she provides guidance and develops scale for crypto native companies building value and utility. Maja is an investor in over 60 companies in digital asset space. She is on the board of Civic, Prism partners and Coindesk, a lead contributor to InfoMoney.br and holds frequent talks at Abudance 360, large family office gatherings, members of governments and CEO’s and CIO’s of Fortune500 companies globally. Maja is also an investor in longevity science and on a board of Longevity Science Foundation.





Mendes is the CEO and cofounder of Avenue, an upcoming collaboration and communication platform for DAOs that aims to replace Discord. He has been in Web3 and the blockchain world since 2017, having worked with companies like Utrust and Protocol Labs.



Juicebox DAO


Good guy with a big heart 🙂

George Campbell



George is a veteran trial lawyer and international business manager. Speaking Spanish and English with native fluency, his experiences as an operator and board member bring creative solutions for clients to solve their biggest challenges in web3, including cross-border transactions, DAO governance, and litigation.

James Key


Autonomy Network


James Key is the CEO and founder of Autonomy Network, a decentralized automation protocol. Autonomy Network enables Dapps of any kind to integrate automation features in a truly decentralized way, leveraging simple UI changes and no contract redeployments. Autonomy is protocol-agnostic and supports a wide range of use cases for DeFi and NFTs, such as limit and stop orders for DEXes, automated and recurring payments for DAOs, and autonomous NFTs.

James is a self-taught blockchain engineer with nearly five years of experience working with Web3 infrastructure. Prior to founding Autonomy Network, James implemented Proof of Stake on Flow, a developer-friendly blockchain built by Dapper Labs. James has held positions at Chainflip, and Blockchain Intelligence Group, where he worked closely with the FBI. He studied and researched Quantum Computing Research at the University of British Columbia.


Movement DAO


I would like to help align the economic incentives of our society with the long term vitality of our ecosystems and the well being of all people. I am working to put DAO tooling into the hands of communities moved by inspiration and compassion for the benefit of all beings.








Juicebox DAO

Movement DAO


Web3 muse who populates JB blog as a writer, hosts the MovementDAO podcast, and works in web3 marketing and creative writing endeavors, including creating the Bannyverse histories for JB. I have been writing creatively and as a ghostwriter for 20 years, and have created some amazing content for web3 DAOs where needed.

Nicolas Weber


MetaGameHub DAO


I am a blockchain enthusiast, entrepreneur, philanthropist, writer and investor. Hence I am constantly thriving to improve, adapt and extend knowledge on future oriented topics.

Richard Swart




A recovering professor, blockchain nerd, and social impact fellow, Richard is the Chairman of the Advisory Board for 5ire.org – one of the world’s fastest blockchain unicorns. He also advises global family offices and foundations. He is a founding member of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society.

David Steen


Movement DAO


Growth @ Move.xyz | Building & investing in the ReFi economy

Rob Solomon




Rob is a Cofounder at DIMO, which is a protocol that enables drivers to mint their car as an NFT, stream their data, and earn tokens. After working with Zappos & The Downtown Project on their implementation of Holacracy, an interest in DAOs led him to join ConsenSys in 2017 and focus on web3 full-time.

Sarah Sonnenfield


Alsephina Consulting


Sarah Sonnenfeld is relentlessly curious about what makes organizations tick — how individuals come together to accomplish big goals. She brings tools from behavioral science, organization design, network analysis, classic business strategy and futurism: her radar is always searching for the glimpses where the emergent becomes tangible. Sarah is fascinated by what’s unfolding in the world of DAOs and is glad to be at DAOPlanet.NYC with fellow members of talentDAO. She is a principal with Alsephina Consulting, an affiliate practitioner with the University of Southern California’s Center for Effective Organizations and the author of “The Zig Zag Imperative: A New Way to Think about Strategic Vision.”

Marlene Ronstedt


Data Union DAO


Marlene Ronstedt is the co-founder of the Data Union DAO. Previously, she’s been working in various project management and communication roles in Web3, crypto and fintech. She has a background in journalism and her writing has appeared in publications such as Wired Germany and Coindesk. She is based in Berlin but has lived in many places, including London, Bali and The Hague. When She is not working, writing, or traveling, she enjoys DJing and painting.

Jose Rosero




Jose Andres is an Artist and Community Builder in the NFT space. In early 2021, he helped cultivate the CleanNFTs community to address the ongoing discussions about NFTs and their environmental impact. This community of concerned artists & developers evolved into a grassroots movement towards Proof-of-Stake chains like Tezos. His past experience supporting non-profit arts organizations has led him to DoinGud where he leads a global team of leaders. DoinGud is an NFT platform that brings creators, curators, collectors and social impact organizations together to support one another and become self-owned, self-governed and self-sustained.

Humpty Calderon


Orange Protocol



Humpty helps fast-growing businesses solve complex information challenges with optimized communication and technological solutions that inspire people and augment customer experiences. He delivers thoughtful initiatives that increase collaboration across global organizations and their communities.

Over his 15 year career, Humpty has launched successful ventures in education, fintech and Web3.





Mike Fraietta is the Founder of EmpireDAO, a Web3 Creator Center in NYC, $WORK Protocol, and Golfinho Ventures, a Web3 Creative Agency. He also serves as the official Cross-Chain Ambassador for the MonkeDAO. He has created several startups, online communities and helped open the Centre for Social Innovation. Mike previously was the host of FinTech Friday at BNY Mellon and Head of Community at 21st Century Fox. He owns NFTs on over fifteen chains, plays Aussie Rules football for the national championship New York Magpies, and is raising his two boys in Brooklyn.

Lisa Wocken





Lisa Wocken is a DAO educator and founding member of talentDAO. She holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership and her DAO research and ecommerce start-up, Bolster Leadership, focus on developing leaders for the decentralized future.

Eric Hill



Bankless DAO


LawPunk DeGen

Mark Palmer




Senior equity research analyst with over 24 years of experience on both sell-side and buy-side. Coverage areas include FinTech, Payments, Digital Assets, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the Metaverse. Background includes high yield/distressed credit research/portfolio management and leveraged finance banking.

Ross Campbell





Shadowy Super Lawyer @Linmac.com, @lex_DAO, @KaliDAO, Legal Engineer, bad at solidity, estate and tax planner, dachshund enthusiast, @r_ross_campbell hype man.

Savva Kerdemelidis


Crowd Funded Cures


Savva is a Commercial/IP Consultant Legal Counsel and a NZ and Australian Patent and Trade Mark Attorney with 18+ years experience advising in relation to IP, commercial law and crypto. He conducted his LLM thesis on alternatives to the patent system for developing medicines. He is the founder of the Web3 DeSci project Crowd Funded Cures.

Adam Miller




Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) will change the way we organize people and resources, from high school chess clubs to national governments and everything in between. Our company MIDAO helps DAOs incorporate in the only jurisdiction that explicitly recognizes the unique structure of DAOs and ensures limited liability to its members, the Marshall Islands. And through DAOPlatform.io, I provide consulting to help select tech stacks for, launch, and operate DAOs. nextcreators.simplecast.com

Alexa Lombardo


Atomic N°8



Founder / Head of Strategy @atomicno8, C-Founder @HerHouse_io, Member @FWBtweets, Contributor @Forefront__ Alexa is a brand builder turned venture builder collaborating with founders to concept, launch and grow brands with sustainability and community at the core. She specializes aligning strategy, design and technology. After a decade in beauty & CPG working with brands at Estée Lauder and Unilever, she started Atomic N°8. Early clients included sustainably-minded founders in wellness (beauty, food, health) & lifestyle (travel, hospitality.) Nowadays, she focuses on the emerging tech space (web3, blockchain, crypto, NFTs, DAOs, AI, AR / VR & the metaverse.)





Venture Partner at Quantstamp

Clarence Liu


Owl Protocol



Clarence Liu, CTO of Owl Protocol & Vulcan Link, a blockchain industry veteran with over 10 years of software engineering experience, and was previously the CTO of Tacen, a US-based crypto exchange platform. Clarence has traveled the globe speaking on blockchain, legal regulations, and technology; most recently he was a key panelist at Paris Blockchain Week speaking on DAOs.

Aidan Heintzman


Footprint Zero


Aidan believes there are 5 crucial areas we can use in combination to save our planet and improve people’s lives. Content, Commerce, Community, Capital, and Charity. Let’s create the education to help people understand our problems, build the companies to solve those problems and shift consumers’ dollars, empower communities to take action, provide capital to all areas where needed, and work with the charities fixing our problems. Web 3 will play a crucial role everywhere, especially in fostering communities of people sharing the same values.

Aleksi Loytynoja




Co-Founder of Kleoverse, the DAO Working Platform. Helping DAO Contributors to build their professional identities with our Proof-of-Talent (i.e. project-based verified credentials) and DAOs to acquire talented contributors.

Alison McCauley




For over five years, Alison has worked to raise awareness and understanding of the “new possible” unlocked by blockchain technology, and how that translates to a next era of the Web: Web3. Her focus on Web3 and blockchain technology builds on two decades of helping founders who work at the edge of possible to translate their work to the world and take their products to market. In 2018, Alison authored the best-selling book Unblocked, which projected how blockchains could shape organizations and culture. Alison is a keynote speaker at conferences around the world sharing her work which has been at the nexus of the enterprise, disruptive innovation, and organizational and cultural change; her articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Venture Beat; and over 70,000 students have taken the course she created for LinkedIn, “How Blockchains Will Change Business.”

Alison is the Chief Advocacy Officer at Unfinished, and the founder of Unblocked Future, a strategy firm that helps emerging tech pioneers with thought leadership and go-to-market. Alison holds degrees in psychology, sociology and organizational behavior from Stanford University.

Jennifer Sanasie





Jenn Sanasie is a content director for Windranger Labs, a core contributor to BitDAO, the world’s largest token-governed treasury with billions in assets and a mission to support the builders of Web3. Prior to Windranger, Jenn worked as an on-camera journalist and commentator at CoinDesk where she regularly covered NFT and metaverse news. 

Today Jenn is focused on analyzing the trends that are shaping society through the lens of business and popular culture. She has an MBA from the Rotman School of Management and a Master of Laws from the University of Toronto.

Mark Lurie


Shipyard Software


Mark Lurie is the CEO & Co-Founder of Shipyard Software. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor who previously founded two venture-backed startups. One of these, Codex, is a blockchain-based title registry for art & collectibles used in the offline auction world. Previously, Mark was an investor at Bessemer, where his investments included Twilio (TWLO). He is currently a Venture Partner at FJLabs and a board member of GMO Trust (issuer of GYEN, the first Yen-backed stablecoin) and the Foundation for Art & Blockchain. Mark also spearheaded the push to legalize DAOs in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, marking the first sovereign nation to allow DAOs to incorporate as legal entities.

Tara Fung


Co:Create Protocol


Tara believes web3 is the new frontier and will fundamentally alter the way the world works and what is possible. She began investing in crypto in 2019 and went down the rabbit hole as Chief Revenue Officer of Alto, a leading cryptoIRA and digital asset IRA custodian. There she established partnerships with institutional crypto firms and asset managers, and grew company revenue by more than 25X in 18 months. She previously was Chief Commercial Officer of CommonBond, where she led an advocacy campaign to change the tax treatment of employer-sponsored student loan repayment programs that was passed into law as part of the CARES Act. She is a graduate of Harvard Business School and the University of South Carolina.

Eric Tung


Themelio Labs


Cypherpunk, polymath, and security researcher. Architect of novel technologies spanning diverse levels of abstraction. Founder of Themelio, a new blockchain designed as a radically immutable and autonomous trust substrate.

Erin Magennis


Valiir Technologies


Erin is a neuroscientist yogi turned developer building as a serial entrepreneur and web3 consultant at the intersection of community, technology, and possibility to enhance our human experience. She’s been recognized for her work as a Top 100 Innovator Worldwide.

Ed Moss




Ed Moss, formerly AngelList, is currently leading Product & Growth at the DeSo Foundation. DeSo is a custom-built L1 Blockchain designed to decentralize and scale social networks. He is also leading development on DAODAO, the first ever DAO platform to combine community, investing, governance and trading on-chain for virtually any currency and zero gas-fees.

Emmet Halm




Co-Founder of DAOHQ. Emmet is a previous founder in the edtech space who left Harvard to co-found DAOHQ, the first marketplace for DAOs. DAOHQ is a one-stop shop to find, invest, and participate in DAOs.

Favian Valencia




Favian is an attorney based exploring the legal implications and opportunities for DAOs, NFTs, Blockchains and cryptocurrencies. He is a CityDAO council member and contributor at MoonDAO, FWB and LexDAO. He is also the founder of VanlifeDAO.

Jared Cohen





Jared is a co-founder of InCred, a web3 platform for moving professional achievements onto the blockchain, and runs Threes Brewing, a craft beer brewery in Brooklyn. He built the Operating System as a member of LexDAO. He’s been an exec, coach, advisor, and investor at a long list of tech startups.





For over 20 years Urbane has been a leader in the Diversity & Inclusion space. Whether running operations for a new tech start-up or as CEO of his own ventures; these topics, their application and the promotion of concepts have been embedded in everything he does.

Maddy Bergen


Angel Alliance


Maddy is the co-founder and CEO of Angel Alliance, a Venture DAO focused on female founders and web3 analyst training program. She has previously scaled a successful business, worked as a VC Analyst and start-up accelerator.

Harold Eytan


Particle Collection


Harold Eytan is the CEO of Particle Collection. He is an operator who launched and until recently led Operations at Numan, the UK’s largest digital men’s health platform treating over 600k patients. Previous to Numan, Harold started his career at Rocket Internet, where he took numerous ventures from idea to launch in their signature 90 days. Harold will be putting all the pieces together as CEO of Particle.





Open Source contributor and technology entrepreneur. Participated or co-founded web infrastrcuture, telecom, AI and DeFi projects.

Justice Conder





Justice Conder | 0xJustice – Agile organizational design and delivery expert turned DAOpunk. Leading governance at BanklessDAO, ParticleDAO, WGMI Community, and EthAdoptionDAO.

De-Fi Beats


Bankless Consulting


De-Fi Beats is an entrepreneur and DAO contributor obsessed with the human condition, dedicated to making sure Web3 stays human centered.

Lucas Chu




Lucas Chu is a co-founder of DAOHQ.co, the marketplace for DAOs. Before leaving Harvard, Lucas studied CS+Econ on a full-ride; founded Erevna, which hosted research projects and hackathons for over ten thousand students; and was the youngest researcher at Opportunity Insights, the Census Bureau, and Steve Ballmer’s USAFacts.

Phil Ward


The DOI Foundation


I am 45 a father of three, and a husband of one.
I grew up working in a family run upholstery shop.
When I turned 18, I moved to Florida and started my own shop. I did this successfully for about 10 years.
I spent many years in hotel construction, and the last 10 years as a general contractor in Florida.

I have developed one industry app, for hotel renovation. It is being used by a company as an internal tool.

I am one of the cofounders of the DOI coin, and the DOI Foundation. We are a DAO project committed to making the web 3/crypto revolution meaningful and impactful for humanity.

Jay Jideliov




Jay is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, and is the Founder and CEO of Belong.net, the first NFT social network. Prior to Belong, Jay founded Callision.com, the first WebRTC enterprise contact center solution back in 2011. Some of his other brands and companies include Silicon Forest, Nomad Calendar, Beta Week, and Neuvey, among others.

Solene Feuillu




Solene is member of SpaceShip DAO, global group of crypto natives, founders, builders, and investors. .
Solene has been working in crypto for 5 years in business development and growth. She has been with SKALE Labs since 2020 and helped grow the protocol to $1B TVL and now focused on onboarding many customers & partners.

Vanessa Grellet


Aglae ventures


Vanessa Grellet is a General Partner at Aglae Ventures. Vanessa is a Global Executive with over 20 years of expertise in the Financial Services and Tech industry. At Aglae Ventures she manages the Web 3 focused fund. Prior to joining Aglae she has Head of Portfolio growth at CoinFund and Executive director at ConsenSys where she focused on driving adoption for Ethereumbased products, Strategic initiatives, Alliances and Channels. She was involved in setting up the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the Accounting Blockchain Coalition (ABC) and the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC). Prior to ConsenSys she was a Strategy Executive at NYSE and a key member of PwC’s global wealth management team. Vanessa is a Founding Board member of AABC focused on Blockchain and Art, a member of the Advisory Council of ConsenSys, a Milken Institute Associate, a contributor to the World Economic Forum Digital Future Council and part of Cointelegraph’s list of 100 most influential people for 2022. Mrs. Grellet graduated Cum Laude from Law School (Paris II Assas) and Business School (HEC).

Gennaro D’Urso


Genetic Networks


Gennaro D’Urso, Ph.D., is the founder of Genetic Networks, a technology company that is revolutionizing how drugs are mapped to genetic modules to expedite the development of new treatments. Gennaro launched Genetic Networks in 2015 with a team of world-renowned researchers including Nobel laureate Leland Hartwell. He is also the visionary behind PharmaDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization to fund discovery and development of candidate therapeutics to heal.

Gennaro earned his BA at UC Santa Cruz in 1984, and his Ph.D. at the University of Washington in 1990. Prior to starting Genetic Networks, Gennaro spent over 20 years researching the functional interactions between genes and the cell cycle at institutions including the University of Oxford, the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. He was part of the research team in the lab of Sir Paul Nurse that worked on the discovery of genes required for cell division that resulted in the 2001 Nobel Prize.

Gennaro also holds the position of Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology at the University of Miami where he continues to stay connected to the research community.

Gennaro is currently building PharmaDAO to decentralize the discovery and development of pharmaceutical products.





Sky is a full-time DAOist, highly focused on DAO2DAO relations and seeking out and supporting projects that are building what proper DAOs need to function in a truly decentralized manner. His focus is often on bizdev, partnerships, operations and governance. Hangs around the MetaCartel, DXdao, DAOhaus, DiamondDAO, Logos DAO communities and more.

Jason Schwartz


Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP


Mr. Chu has over a decade of experience in global markets and investment management. He is the founder of Orthogonal Asset Management and currently advises Tracer DAO and NFTGo in the Web 3.0 space. Prior to founding Orthogonal Asset Management, he worked as a trader at Capula Investment Management, a global fixed income specialist firm that manages absolute return, enhanced fixed income, and tail risk strategies, primarily for sovereigns, institutions, and financial intermediaries. At Capula, he developed and managed systematic alpha strategies employing quantitative investing and machine-learning techniques. Before joining Capula, Mr. Chu worked as a sell-side trader and market maker in U.S. Treasury securities at Jefferies. Earlier in his career, he held positions with the treasury department of D.E. Shaw and the Division of Monetary Affairs of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. Mr. Chu earned a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.A. in Economics from Cornell University. In 2012, he was awarded a Certificate of Distinction as a teaching fellow in economics at Harvard University.

John Goldschmidt


CryptoMondays DAO


Ellie is VP of Product & Operations at Roll, building social token infrastructure for 500+ creators and communities. Prior to joining Roll, Ellie was a founder with 2 exits in web3. She founded Projections.io (acquired by AppMonet) and was Head of Product at AppMonet till it was acquired by PubNative.

Mariana Bernado


HouseBit and AlmaDAO


COO Housebit, protocol and marketplace for real estate tokenization on Polygon, ETH Miami organizer, AlmaDAO catalyst member – fostering web3 education in Latin America. Ex-EBANX, cross-border payments for Latin America, and Ex Ab-Inbev Open Innovation Coordinator.

Kyler Wandler


Sporos DAO


Legal Studies Student from Milwaukee, Wi, starting law school at Marquette University next spring. Consultant for Sporos DAO. Co-Author of Around the Blockchain , a weekly newsletter dedicated to the intersection of Crypto & Law. Contributor DAO Research Collective.



DwellFi Inc


Founder & CEO @Dwell_fi, Ex Punchh inc exit for $500 Mill

Kishan Shah




Kishan (pronounced key-shin) is building public goods on DAO accounting, financials, treasury management, budgeting, KPIs and tooling for web3. He is a contributor to investment and service DAOs and you can follow his writing at @kishandao on twitter. He has been building venture-backed technology startups and public companies as a COO/CFO and investor for the past 15 years.

Ben Huh


Origami / Orange DAO


Ben is the CEO of Origami (joinorigami.com), a DAO platform for some of the most valuable DAOs on chain, and cofounder of Orange DAO, the web3 YC alumni community.

Ben Metcalfe


VC3 DAO, Monochrome Capital, Mnemonic


Bridging Web2 and Web3, investor and entrepreneur Ben Metcalfe is the Founder & General Partner of Monochrome Capital, co-founder of NFT Intelligence API Mnemonic and a founding member of the VC3 DAO

Dave Rosenberg




Dave Rosenberg is a Founder and Genesis Member of VC3 DAO. He also serves as the Head of Marketing for NetSuite EMEA. Prior to NetSuite, Dave was a Managing Director for Merck Ventures and GE Ventures, and Head of Technology Investment for the Invention Development Fund (IDF). Prior to joining IDF, Dave was CEO and founder of Nodeable and CEO and co-founder of MuleSoft. He’s held marketing and technical roles at The Linux Foundation, Glass, Lewis & Co, Sprint, OmniSky, Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs.

Isaac Schick


Apostolic DAO


Isaac manages a 8 figure company crypto wallet and runs the first Christian DAO in web3. He hopes to expand this DAO in a full blown web3 nonprofit.

James is a self-taught blockchain engineer with nearly five years of experience working with Web3 infrastructure. Prior to founding Autonomy Network, James implemented Proof of Stake on Flow, a developer-friendly blockchain built by Dapper Labs. James has held positions at Chainflip, and Blockchain Intelligence Group, where he worked closely with the FBI. He studied and researched Quantum Computing Research at the University of British Columbia.

John Kim


Decentology, HyperverseDAO, JubileeDAO


I help build developer tooling and developer communities for people looking to move into web3 from web2.
This includes creating onboarding journeys and opportunity pathways, and helping build communities that support and are supported by DAOs.

Currently, doing a deep dive into the future of work – as web3 builders early to the space, we have the opportunity to shape community and culture in the way we leverage emergent blockchain technology to democratize access to and create opportunity for people who may not otherwise have platforms to share their art/work; their perspectives; find the projects and teams they want to work with; and own what they create and contribute, how and where it’s shared/used, and by whom.

Max Infeld


Alien Worlds


Jonathan is a software engineer, working in data, web3 frontend, and AI art. He is currently working on building juicebox.money and abraham.ai

Matthew Rossi


Data Union DAO


Co-Founder Data Union DAO, also Director of Product @ Polygon, former Chainalysis.

Isaac Schick


Apostolic DAO


Max made his first alternative “viral currency” in 2007. He has 15+ years in art, design and typography (100M+ downloads), with an emphasis on community-engagement with crypto tokens. Utilizing social engagement in the arts and design, Max has created opportunities and activities for various communities to participate, connect, grow, while intersecting with technology. Currently, Max leverages technology components of DAOs to support and engage communities. He primarily works with Alienworlds.io the one of the most used blockchain based apps and games, which is focused on bringing DAOs to the foreground of communities. Max is one of the artists in Curio Cards www.curio.cards, the very first art (NFTs) on Ethereum in 2017, where he released artwork under the name Marisol Vengas. These works were sold at Christie’s and Sotheby’s in October 2021. When not designing software for future users– he also produces fine art and design in his studios in Chico, CA.

Ramphis Castro


ScienceVest, VC3


Originally from Guayama, Puerto Rico, Ramphis is the Co-Founder and General Partner at ScienceVest, a first-check New York-based early-stage venture capital fund for deep-tech companies. He is a founding genesis member for VC3 and co-chair on the Governance Committee. VC3 brings together a vetted network of venture professionals, starting with the Kauffman Fellows, to invest in Web3 companies and funds through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure.





Hi, I am Sachin Narode, Founder and CEO of XENI DAO – Web3 startup in travel. I started my career as a doctor and molecular biologist at the University of Pennsylvania. I’ve built multiple startups, including a diagnostic healthcare business called Sovagen which I successfully exited in 2014.
After my exit, I decided to spend some time traveling while enjoying my vacation; I became fascinated by the supply chain issues in the travel industry.

Scott Mandel


Complex Labs


Scott if the Founder and CEO of Complex Labs, an operating system for Web3 communities. Previously Scott has sourced power and infrastructure for miners, led fundraising for large Defi protocols and built several DAOs and communities.

Ellie Li



Ellie is VP of Product & Operations at Roll, building social token infrastructure for 500+ creators and communities. Prior to joining Roll, Ellie was a founder with 2 exits in web3. She founded Projections.io (acquired by AppMonet) and was Head of Product at AppMonet till it was acquired by PubNative.

Budd White




CPO & Co-Founder @ Tacen, Budd is a self-proclaimed cryptography nerd since ’09 and is passionate about solving issues in the financial system with blockchain, smart contracts, & distributed ledgers. He cut his teeth in SV where he became an expert in developing/deploying b2b products, working with security, encryption, & workflow technologies.

Corey Segall




“Corey currently heads up partnerships at Vertalo and has been deeply involved in the Blockchain & WEB 3 space since 2014.

Prior to Vertalo, Corey co-founded The Anti, a ServiceNow Elite partner specializing in improving the employee experience and Abstrakt, a WEB 3.0 “Venmo for Crypto” wallet app that can be white labeled or reskinned using Abstrak’s API.”

Prev: As an executive leader in technology solutions, sales, products and professional services

WEB 3.0 Adviser:
I have been heavily involved in the Blockchain space and Bitcoin since 2014. I have clocked about 7,000 hours in the Web 3.0 space which includes knowledge in the following areas.

+DAO Governance
+NFTs and Stable coins
+US Regulations & Tax
+Digital Asset Securities
+Use cases in Private Capital Markets, TA , and secondary liquidity (ATS’S).
+Consensus Layers (PoW, PoS, DPoS, PoL,etc)
+Private/Public Keys & Encryption
+Wallets and Security
+Layer 2 blockchain solutions