A Conference by DAOists for DAOists

June 24th & 25th, 2022 @ Chelsea Music Hall

– Right after NFT.NYC –

2-Day Deep Dive into Decentralized Autonomous Organizations


60+ DAO Experts  |  50+ Web3 Orgs  |  40+ Sessions
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Featured Speakers

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Get Ready for a 2-Day DAO Deep Dive!

DAOPlanet.NYC presents an amazing opportunity to connect with the top thinkers and operators in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) space. Hear from the people behind the major DAOs and those delivering the Web3 tools that make it all possible.

This 2-day program encompases legal structures and considerations, tokenization and tokenomics (including NFTs and fungible tokens), regulatory implications, governance and strategy, and much, much more.

Whether you’re a seasoned DAO practitioner, or interested in the potential for these new types of organizations, you’ll come away vastly more equipped and prepared for what lies ahead.




Community Funding for People and Projects


Movement DAO

Global Network of Regenerative Movements



Protect Your Dream. Incorporate Your DAO.


Atomic N°8

Oxygen for brands



Web3-native project management with token payments, credentialing, & bounties.



Meetup for people passionate about crypto.



Verified Professional Achievements


Carbon Collectible NFTs

Web3 Carbon offsets for organizations, individuals and events.


Unlock DAO

Governance of the Unlock Protocol

Iconic Location: Chelsea Music Hall

407  West  15th Street,  New York, NY
(@ Chelsea Market)

* Event revenues go to the production of DAOPlanet.NYC. All remaining funds support the mission and vision of DAOPlanet, a non-profit TUNA.