About DAOPlanet
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DAOPlanet is Enabling a New Age of Work that Better Serves Humanity.

Our vision is greater representation for individuals within communities, organizations, businesses, and the entire world — achieved through the integration and proliferation of DAO principles and Web3 tools.

People are demanding more autonomy and flexibility in where, when, and how they work, and organizational structures must adapt to accommodate this “new normal.” The proliferation of DAOs, composed of Distributed Networks of Autonomous Contributors who have a voice in Governance, is an example of this adaptation in action.

At DAOPlanet, we believe this trend will continue to accelerate. Our mission is to help over 10 million organizations adopt DAO principles and tools to provide for greater productivity, flexibility, and representation.

We support organizations (both new and established) by helping them develop a strategy and navigate appropriate models and structures. Our aim is to help organizations get up to speed with the tools they need for their ecosystems to flourish.