DAODenver 2023 Speakers

Vikram Aditya




I’m the co-founder & CEO of DaoLens. I’ve contributed to over 25 DAOs over the past few years. I’ve also been on numerous podcasts & online/offline events around DAOs. Before DaoLens, I headed the product at Merkle Science, where we built tools that track and curb the illicit use of crypto tokens.

Corey Segall




Corey currently heads up partnerships at Vertalo and has been deeply involved in the Blockchain & WEB 3 space since 2014. Prior to Vertalo, Corey co-founded The Anti, a ServiceNow Elite partner specializing in improving the employee experience and Abstrakt, a WEB 3.0 “Venmo for Crypto” wallet app that can be white labeled or reskinned using Abstrak’s API. Corey has been involved with many projects and spaces that include Self-ID, DID Alliance, NFT.tips, CryptoBasics, Totally Uninformed Opinions (TUO), Ethereum Alliance, and FIO protocol, to name a few.

Sianoi Kimari



H.E.R. DAO Kenya


Sianoi is a H.E.R DAO Governor for the Kenyan chapter, a SafariDAO core organizer of ETHSafari and the upcoming DOTSafari conference in March.

Yev Muchnik


Launch Legal


Yev Muchnik is a corporate and securities attorney, with a focus on impact ventures and distributed shared ownership models. Yev is an authority on current legal and regulatory issues in blockchain and digital currency.

Nicolas Weber




Early stage crypto investor, writer, philanthropist, podcast host and entrepreneur. He is part of the founding team at Amazing Blocks, Founder and CEO of DAC and Founding Initiator of MGH DAO. Additionally, he is the Co-Founder of the Tokenization Working Group at the European Blockchain Association. He previously worked for established companies such as Daimler, Dieffenbacher and Allianz Global Investors.

Pablo Moncado-Larrotiz


Moon DAO


Coming Soon

Allison Duettmann


Foresight Institute


Allison Duettmann is the president and CEO of Foresight Institute. She directs the Intelligent Cooperation, Molecular Machines, Biotech & Health Extension, Neurotech, and Space Groups, Fellowships, Prizes, and Tech Trees. She shares Foresight’s work with the public, for instance at the Wall Street Journal, SXSW, O’Reilly AI, WEF, The Partnership on AI, Effective Altruism Global, and TEDx. She founded Existentialhope.com, co-edited Superintelligence: Coordination & Strategy, co-authored Gaming the Future, and co-initiated The Longevity Prize. She advises non-profits, companies, and individuals. She holds an MS in Philosophy & Public Policy from the London School of Economics, focusing on AI Safety, and a BA in Philosophy, Politics, Economics from York University.

Above Average Joe


Bankless DAO


BanklessDAO Community facilitator, Dad, Decentralist.

Ohad Bachner




Student System information engineering (2020-2024) – student for System information engineering at the Israeli intention of technology – Technion, specific areas: Optimization and game theory. Partner at ZMT Capital(2019 – present) – partner at a VC from SF, investing in crypto projects primarily investing infrastructure, late invesment are Fuel, Neon, Nayms, and more… Chelo Finance (2022-present) – Chelo is building DAO tools to increase the engagement between DAO and DAO’s members. IDF inelegance (2014-2017) – Operation and mission management Special Operation Division within the 504 Intelligence Unit Planning and Providing real-time assistance in compassionate missions, collaborating with prestigious Israeli intelligence organizations and civil industries, and analyzing and Excluding intelligence information To bring a finished product in the intelligence field.

Pavel Sinelnikov




Pavel shares a passion in community development, focusing on governance and reputation. He has led in developing the core governance process present in Metis and is currently working on building DAOs as better businesses with Koris.





Hi there I am Player1Taco and full 0xDegen, been around since 2012/2013… my life is Crypto, Cigars and Caffeine, I am a DAOist and love blockchain. At the top of my iceberg I am the CEO and founder of 0xDegens a web 2/3 consultant and strategy developer. Help with all aspects from A to Z. I also work as the Biz-D3V and Community Relations for StellaSwap as a core team member, we are the largest and oldest DEX on Moonbeam. I work to help this space grow as an advisor, consultant and just over all Degen who loves meeting people new to blockchain and helping them set up new wallets. Best thing about what I do, I get to talk to and talk about the creators, builders and people in this space… to me WAGMI is the new PLUR. And if We’re All Gonna Make It that means ALL have to make it.

Pritam Dutta



Pritam is building an ecosytem for bringing defi liquidity for emerging markets.

Michael Fischer




Nanak Nihal Khalsa


Holonym Foundation


Cofounder of Holonym

Nancy Rubel




Social Media Manager @ Metopia | Previously @ New York University, Research @ Chapter One | Participating in SheFi Season 8

Natalia Ameline


MetisDAO Foundation


Natalia is a Senior Finance Executive with multi-industry experience. Her expertise is in strategic financial planning, decision support, operations management, and change management. She holds Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration as well as CPA/CMA accounting designation. Natalia was introduced to Blockchain technology in 2014 and has been passionate about the industry since.

Alex W1SE




Alex Dovgal is an innovator, entrepreneur, and speaker. He has a 14-year track record of facilitating strategic innovations and a passion for developing conscious businesses which brought him to create The W1SE Ecosystem and Community.     

Founded: DVL Express, Unibox Warehouse, W1SE Logistics, EX3, W1SE City, W1SE Castle, W1SE Music, W1SE Planet

Ben Fielding




Ben Kurrek




Software Engineer @ Pagoda (Prev. NEAR Inc) | Solving Web3 Onboarding with Keypom

Ben Turtel




Ben Turtel (@bturtel) is the Founder & CEO of Kazm.xyz, the data-driven CRM for Web3. Previously he founded Rivet, an AI-powered reading app for kids, within Area120, and spent 6+ years building applied machine learning solutions at Google. He advises startups through The Garage @ Northwestern and writes about philosophy, technology, and Web3.




Polygon Labs



Putting organizations on the Blockchain at Polygon. Former Bankless GSE. Programmable org maxi.

Chris Carella





Chris Carella is Head of Product of Charmverse, a DAO operations platform, a Co-founder of Purple, a Farcaster Ecosystem DAO, and a contributor to FWB, SharkDAO and Art Haus

Cody Wood

Dentons US LLP


Cody is an attorney practicing in the Blockchain, Crypto, and Digital Assets group at Dentons – the world’s largest law firm. His experience spans the gamut of issues that affect individuals and projects starting in, or getting into, applications of web3 and blockchain technologies–advising clients ranging from startups to major protocols on corporate and transactional matters, regulatory compliance, litigation and dispute resolution, and more.

Jeff Lavoie

Open Web Collective


Jeff Lavoie, Partner, Head of Investments, Open Web Collective

Jeff has 20 years’ investing experience in tech, tech-enabled and consumer companies and has been deeply involved in the crypto community with early investments in several Layer-1 protocols and across Web3 and consumer crypto. Prior to OWC, Jeff held senior investment roles at several leading investment firms including Dyal Capital, PIMCO and CPP Investments, with a focus on seed investments and growth equity.

As Partner at OWC Jeff has led investments into Web3 startups including Infinity Exchange, NFT Price Floor, and Term Finance. 

Lou Kerner

Lou Kerner





Lou Kerner is a Partner at Blockchain Coinvestors, a crypto fund-of-fund, invested in 40 crypto VCs. Lou’s also the CEO of Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded SPAC, and the Founder of CryptoOracle Collective, a decentralized crypto advisory firm.

Lou’s been a crypto thought leader since 2013, when the Wall Street Journal called Lou “Wall Street’s Bitcoin Expert”. Lou’s ranked among the most influential crypto bloggers on Medium and regularly keynotes major crypto industry events. Lou alsoFounded of CryptoMondays, the largest crypto meetup group in the world, with chapters in 40+ cities.

Prior to crypto, Lou was an equity analyst following media companies for Goldman Sachs. Lou has a B.A. from U.C.L.A. and an MBA from Stanford.

Alex Poon



Alliance DAO


Alex is a 3X VC-backed founder. He is the co-founder of CharmVerse, a web3 community platform. He co-founded AI startups x.ai and Visual Revenue (both acquired). Earlier in his career, he built software for unmanned aerial vehicles. Alex received his MBA from Columbia Business School. He also holds an MS and BS degree in Electrical Engineering. Alex is an organizational design nerd, constantly experimenting with new ways to power the future of work.

Brian Breslow




Brian is a BD/Venture Analyst at DoraHacks, aiming to support the everlasting hacker movement.

Anjali Young




After building ecosystems to scale revenue at Instagram, Pinterest, & Experian, Patrick joined Unlock to enable a new business model for the web. He’s responsible for growing the ecosystem of contributors to Unlock Protocol. Unlock is a web3 protocol for memberships as NFTs, enabling developers, creators, and organizers to create direct relationships with people, without the need for 3rd party applications or platforms.

Gennaro D’Urso


Genetic Networks


Chairman and CEO of Genetic Networks

Gennaro D’Urso, Ph.D., is the founder of Genetic Networks, a technology company that is revolutionizing how drugs are mapped to genetic modules to expedite the development of new treatments. Gennaro launched Genetic Networks in 2015 with a team of world-renowned researchers including Nobel laureate Leland Hartwell.

Gennaro earned his BA at UC Santa Cruz in 1984, and his Ph.D. at the University of Washington in 1990. Prior to starting Genetic Networks, Gennaro spent over 20 years researching the functional interactions between genes and the cell cycle at institutions including the University of Oxford, the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. He was part of the research team in the lab of Sir Paul Nurse that worked on the discovery of genes required for cell division that resulted in the 2001 Nobel Prize.

Gennaro also holds the position of Associate Professor of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology at the University of Miami where he continues to stay connected to the research community.





mel.eth is a DAO Governance Design Consultant that actively contributes full time time to DeFi and NFT DAOs. mel.eth’s working theory is that distributed governance overtakes capital based uses for cryptography within the decade.

Miko Matsumura


Gumi Cryptos Capital


Miko Matsumura is a General Partner with gCC (Gumi Cryptos Capital), a Silicon Valley investment fund with over $500M in assets including early-stage investments in unicorns like OpenSea, Yield Guild Games, Celsius Network, VEGA Protocol, Qredo, Agoric, Astar and 1Inch Network.

Renée Davis





Renee Davis is an Organizational Psychologist turned DAO Scientist.
She is the founder of talentDAO, a digital research organization building a community of citizen scientists to unlock the talent of the world.

Hana Kanjaa




After a decade building and running a successful business, I fell on the DAO rabbit hole. Since then I’ve been a contributor in DAOs like OlympusDAO, I’m the founder of PivotDAO, that helps GenX women to make a career shift to Web3 and I have co-founded FTW DAO, to diversify the VC ecosystem.



9823719 CANADA INC.








Juicebox DAO


Web3 writer, marketer, DAO Tooling and Governance, and poet laureate of JuiceboxDAO.

Ivan Fartunov




Ivan leads the Ecosystem at Aragon – a leading DAO infrastructure builder. He is a contributor at DAOStar One and an avid lurker at a few investment DAOs. Previously Ivan built the institutional-facing business of a CeFi player and has a background in strategic capital allocation and venture building.

Ben Huh



Orange DAO


Ben Huh is the CEO and cofounder of Origami — the best DAO platform for growing communities.

Previously, Ben was the CEO and cofounder of Social Construct, a construction technology spinout from Y Combinator to build better cities and housing for everyone. Ben was most notably the founder and CEO of the Cheezburger Network (acquired in 2016). He is credited with bringing memes and viral content to popular culture.

Schlomo Rabinowitz




DAO governance wonk with a social impact focus. Ops/Media FreeRossDAO, Ukraine DAO member, also do governance proposal work for DAO startups aligned with social impact goals



Celo Foundation

Meta Gamma Delta


Anna is a community lead on the Developer Relations team at the Celo Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, Anna led Community Growth programs at the Maker Foundation and has played an active role in MakerDAO. She’s part of Meta Gamma Delta DAO, Kernel, and Crypto Nomads Club, and is very happy living out of a suitcase if it means traveling the world and meeting the community IRL.

Shady El Damaty





Shady El Damaty, Ph.D., is a co-founder at Holonym, a zero-knowledge identity protocol for producing private proofs of verified credentials, and founded OpSci, a non-profit developing tooling for web-native open science practice.



Non Fungible Counsel


Non Fungible Counsel is a boutique law & consulting firm offering, legal, accounting, smart contract, and business development services.

Adam Miller




Our company MIDAO helps DAOs incorporate in the only jurisdiction that explicitly recognizes the unique structure of DAOs and ensures limited liability to its members, the Marshall Islands. And through DAOPlatform.io, I provide consulting to help select tech stacks for, launch, and operate DAOs.





I’m a writer, crypto miner, and blockchain evangelist with Master’s degrees in international space policy and computer science. I worked as a consultant at the NASA Ames Research Center during my tenure with Accenture and at NASA HQ as an associate for Booz Allen Hamilton. I recently joined MoonDAO.

LC (laura) Cole






LC (Laura) is a blockchain/cryptocurrency/web3 attorney. She is on the founding team for several projects including Web3Equity and OceansDAO. She is a frequent featured speaker and panelist at various blockchain industry conferences around the globe. She is passionate about equity and education in the web3 space.

Max Uper




Max Uper, the founder of tr3butor, Web3 Contributor Platform
Co-founder of web3 recruitment agency frontrunnrs.
Ex-founder of Byzantium, one of the most successful crypto marketing agencies in 2017-18.
Crypto enthusiast since 2013, worked with dozens of companies as adviser and contractor, from early stage startups and DAOs to multibillion public companies.

Mark Lurie


Shipyard Software


Mark Lurie is the CEO & Co-Founder of Shipyard Software. He is a serial entrepreneur and investor who previously founded two venture-backed startups. Codex is a blockchain-based title registry for art & collectibles used in the offline auction world with 500,000 NFT titles created (ICO 2018). Prior to Codex, Mark founded an online marketplace for art & collectibles, which was acquired in 2016. Previously, Mark was an investor at Bessemer Venture Partners, where his investments included Twilio (TWLO). He is currently a Venture Partner at FJLabs and a board member of GMO Trust (issuer of GYEN, the first Yen-backed stablecoin) and the Foundation for Art & Blockchain (a 501c3 nonprofit). He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Harvard College.

​Marta Velez


Common Ground


Ecosystem builder, community, sales, part of some DAOs. Happy to chat networking, navigating around events, community creation.

Lucas Chu


Dropout Club


Lucas Chu is a co-founder of DAOHQ.co, the marketplace for DAOs. Before leaving Harvard, Lucas studied CS+Econ on a full-ride; founded Erevna, which hosted research projects and hackathons for over ten thousand students; and was the youngest researcher at Opportunity Insights, the Census Bureau, and Steve Ballmer’s USAFacts.

Elijah Spina


Cannabis Genome DAO


Elijah is founder and a core contributor at Cannabis Genome DAO. He also serves as Operations and Community Lead for MedDAO; building a decentralized medical knowledge network. His work centers around democratizing access to cannabis genetic technologies and information to accelerate the development of new therapeutics.



CityDAO Citizen



MemeBrains is a lifelong entrepreneur and sold his last company in 2018 to dive down the Bitcoin rabbit holes. He is now an active DAO contributor, the host of the CityDAO podcast and also a startup founder.

Francesco Andreoli




Francesco Andreoli is currently leading the developer community efforts at ConsenSys. He is an ETH Engineer and digital Entrepreneur who has been active in Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria and the United States with a strong developer relation and developer ambassador focus.

He has been a mentor at TechStars, Angelhack, The Hult prize among several other startup accelerators and incubation programs around the world. He started his career as an Engineer and since 2019 he is actively investing with Oui capital in pre-seed startups active in sub-Saharan Africa countries. He is also part of Africa DAO

He has a Msc & Bsc degree in mechanical engineering from ETH Zürich and master’s in international business from Hult Business School.

Griff Green


Giveth & Commons Stack


Cofounder of Giveth, Commons Stack, Trusted Seed, Praise & dappnode. Community manager for TheDAO, led the crisis response effort for TheDAO Hack and first Parity Multisig Hack from every angle, co-founder of the White Hat Group and led the creation of Token Engineering Commons. Advisor for PolygonID, PolygonHermez, brightID, Doingud, and steward for Gitcoin, ENS & Optimism.

Marlene Ronstedt


Data Union DAO

Hyper Oracle


Marlene Ronstedt is the co-founder of Data Union dAO and Hyper Oracle’s Director of Communications. Previously, she worked with the middleware protocol Streamr Network and the DeFi protocol Neufund. She has a background in journalism, her writing has appeared in Wired Germany and Coindesk. She is a full time nomad and has lived in many places, including London, Berlin, Bali, San Francisco and The Hague. When She is not working, writing, or traveling, she enjoys DJing and painting.

James Waugh




multidaomensional coordinator

Lauren Luz




Product Lead & GIVeconomy Steward at Giveth. Passionate about using web3 to create regenerative systems around the creation of public goods.




BanklessDAO Ombuds



“Web2 – co-founded a SaaS company and was a partner at a VC firm

Web3 – worked in “corporate America” for an Augmented Reality tech company, leading Business Development for the Tech & Life Sciences sectors. I just resigned, Nov. 15th was my last day! I’m thrilled to be able to focus and go all-in on a truly decentralized way of living & working.

I believe we are already changing the way we live, work and interact as a society. It’s important to me that typically marginalized communities & people who identify as womxn, truly have a voice & can fully participate & thrive in a world where authority & economic power is not held by one, but by the masses. This is my goal. This is my purpose. “

Cynthia Huang




Cynthia is the Head of Demand Growth at Dtravel, a web3 powered vacation rental ecosystem. She’s an experienced founder (Altcoin Fantasy, a crypto trading simulation game with 350K+ users worldwide in 2018 and Airhosts Forum, the #1 Airbnb host forum) and speaks regularly on travel, DAOs and web3.

Demian Drabyk


Think and Dev


The last 3 and a half years, I was CEO and Co-Founder of Think and Dev, a devshop specialized 100% in blockchain.
I was lucky enough to build dozens of protocols in most of the verticals in blockchain! We learned a lot about how to create a web3 company, but most important of all!, what to do to not fail (or fail as little as possible!)

Divya @HQ NFTs




Global leading NFT, Blockchain , Web3 ,Data Scientist, expert in AI. Global keynote speaker on NFTs and the network effect. Divya is the CEO & Co-Founder of HQNFTs.xyz. First no-code chain agnostic, end to end NFT ecosystem, to create advanced NFTs in a few clicks.





Contributor to open source financial software. Previously, Lead Developer at unspun.io.

Lisa Wocken



Bolster Leadership


Lisa holds a PhD in organizational leadership, is a founding member of talentDAO and an educator in the DAO ecosystem. She has 15 years of researching and practicing enterprise leadership development within large corporate and university contexts. Her DAO research and e-commerce start-up, Bolster Leadership, focus on developing leaders for the decentralized future.

Amber Brandner


Camp Social


At the core of everything, and coordination… it’s about us finding each other and what we do with the constellation of connections. Helping people and organizations lead better through genuine relating and thoughtful creation. Culture forms from the start; the missing people and perspectives, the unspoken stakeholders, unconscious biases, and unnecessary segmentations can end a team before a project or initiative launches. The awareness, mindset, and skills necessary for this critical work can be accessed and must be adopted urgently. Technology will not solve our problems for us. Indeed without conscious effort, technology will cause significant damage to humanity. Engaging folks in strategic creative processes to design for inclusion in all aspects of organizations, experiences, and products, transform culture from the inside out. Authentic collaborations and artful coordination are possible from this emergent space, both necessary, at scale, for the grand challenges we presently face as a global community.

For the past decade Amber has been an advocate and co-creator of the new economy, she creates space for inclusive culture to develop and collaborative innovations to emerge. Serving as an Entrepreneur in Residence at UCSD and on the Advisory Board at the Center for Applied Ethics and Values in Emerging Technology at UCSC. KB7 Kernel Fellow. Previously NEAR Foundation. Founder of the first Blockchain Incubator at UC San Diego, absoluteSUM is the origin place of “”Inclusion by Design””. Leadership experience with TEDx, National Science Foundation, World Economic Forum Global Shapers, and Singularity University reinforces the understanding that global action requires a cohesive narrative (see meta-narrative) and hyper-local integration. As a consultant and mentor, she has helped countless founders find and tell their stories, connect to their “”why””, build products, intentionally nurture their communities, and take the next step on the path of creation.

Currently, Amber is working with the core team as CXO with Camp Social (Camp.Social) empowering communities to self-organize with rewards and recognition build in. Amber cohost “All of Us Podcast” a place where we learn to take care of ourselves and each other, so we can build communities where all of us belong. Amber CoHost with Derrek Coleman (ETH Denver), and Produces the show with the support of Camp Social and ETH Denver.

Emmet Halm




Co-Founder & CEO of DAOHQ, the largest DAO directory online. He dropped out of Harvard at age 20 to make it easier to find, invest, and participate in DAOs. DAOHQ is backed by Mark Cuban, Soma Capital, & active DAO investors. Previous to DAOHQ, Emmet built & sold a company in the edtech space.

Budd White




Co-founder and CPO of Tacen–a non-custodial crypto exchange. Believer in DefI and that we should not be trusting centralized organizations with our assets.

Puncar (Jan Brezina)




Puncar is a seasoned leader in the crypto space with a diverse background in both traditional finance and emerging technology. He co-founded Bankless Consulting, which helps organizations leverage decentralized technologies to drive innovation and growth. Puncar is also a co-founder of DAO Governance Collective, core contributor to GitcoinDAO, and a co-author of the upcoming book “”How To DAO””.

Currently working on a new initiative to improve the quality of work life in DAOs and other organizations with PEERWORK.

Daren McKelvey




Daren is the Head of Crypto Partnerships at Nori, a leading blockchain-based carbon removal marketplace on a mission to reverse climate change. With over 13 years of industry expertise, Daren has leveraged his skills in business development, partnerships, community building, marketing strategy, and event curation for a wide variety of brands and startups in the tech space. Before joining Nori, Daren was Head of Communications and Community Growth at Nodle, served as an Expert-in-Residence at dlab.vc (SOSV), where he leveraged his extensive experience to support emerging blockchain startups, and mentored at German Accelerator and StartupBoost. He also advises MuFi, an innovative music finance platform. Daren graduated from Brandeis University and resides in NYC.

Raphael from Flipside


Flipside Governance


Research lead of Flipside Governance and MakerDAO delegate.





Co-founder of guild.xyz, the infrastructure for automated memberships and rewards. Building out of passion for growing more Intentional organizations and communities.

Jordan Teague


The Antifirm


Jordan is a lawyer who co-founded The Antifirm, a law firm serving clients in the crypto space, and currently serves as General Counsel for The Graph Foundation, the steward of The Graph protocol. Jordan is also a Solidity developer and a co-founder of Kali, a DAO platform.

Marcus Aurelius



Core Contributor at KlimaDAO, bringing unprecedented transparency, liquidity and access to the voluntary carbon markets. My background is in data science and data engineering, building dashboards and pipelines as well as enabling data scientists to be productive in their own work. Also involved in the KlimaDAO decentralization working group researching best practices for decentralization.

Robert Heeger




Robbie is the President & CEO of Endaoment.org, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit and Public Charity serving as a Community Foundation for the broader crypto industry. He originally built the Endaoment Protocol for on-chain charitable giving in 2019 in search of more impactful work in the crypto space after working previously for Apple. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, Ariel and 5-year old corgi, Squid.

Robert C Edwards


Ambire Wallet


Rob is an explorer and builder of Web3 communities, with projects such as the DTX Hikers & Bean DAO, and already under his belt; he’s a passionate contributors to DAOs and believes in their power to unlock upside, coordination, and community. Rob recently joined Ambire to help expand its’ community outreach.

Jeffrey Joh




Jeffrey attained a degree in Molecular Biology from UC Berkeley and spent several years in web2 before landing in crypto.

His fintech aimed to provide lending to European small businesses online – a revolutionary concept at the time – before folding due to market conditions. He managed venture capital investments in leading household B2C and B2B apps before transitioning into web3 investments. He now supports crypto projects with business strategy and proudly calls himself a hackathon bounty hunter.

He believes that the blockchain will enable society to increase resilience, reduce costs, and defend individual rights.

Chris Castig




Chris Castig is co-founder of Console.xyz: Secure Chat for Web3. He’s a General Manager at Trust Machines where he’s working on MultiSafe.xyz, and an adjunct professor at Columbia University Business School. Previously, Chris co-founded OneMonth, a 20 person edTech startup and Y Combinator company, launched three multi-million-dollar courses while at General Assembly, and developed digital products for both seed-stage startups and top brands. Chris is passionate about using technology to solve some of the biggest problems in the world.

Aleksi Loytynoja




Co-Founder & CEO of Kleoverse – Building Proof-of-Talent to help builders find jobs with web3 portfolio and on-chain verified skills.

Jalphy Laurent




Jalphy Laurent is the Account Executive at MIDAO Global, the premier solution for DAOs structuring nonprofit DAO LLCs in the Marshall Islands. He is also a contributor and a member of multiple DAOS, including 40 Acres DAO, SFR DAO and Miami Tech Runs DAO.

Maja Vujinovic




Maja Vujinovic, Founder and CEO of OGroup, a financial services company focused on investments and scale of digital assets/Web3. Maja started her career in mobile payments in Africa and Latin America in early 2000 which led her to BTC and decentralization in 2010. Maja is an investor in over 55 companies in digital assets and currently she focuses on growth and scale of DAO’s and defi products. Maja is on the board of Nayms, Civic, Prism partners, and CoinDesk. In 2013, Maja was involved in buying the first bank that held Tether and in 2014, as a CIO of Emerging Tech at General Electric, she was the catalyst for blockchain across all General Electric inspiring JP Morgan Quorum and Microsoft blockchain as a service.

Evgeny Gokhberg


Re7 Capital


Evgeny has 10 years of investment management experience across hedge funds where he managed an equity long / short portfolio and wealth management (UBS, DB) where he worked as an investment advisor. He started researching blockchain in 2015 and came across Ethereum, which he focused on ever since. In 2018 Evgeny joined Everledger – a supply-chain focused enterprise blockchain startup, where he ran the commercial side of the business. Having spotted DeFi early on, however, he focused his effort on this sector and eventually founded Re7 Capital. Fast forwarding to today, Re7 team are some of the most active DeFi liquidity providers and currently manage several DeFi-native yield portfolios.

Jake Hartnell


DAO DAO / Juno Network


Jake Hartnell is a co-founder of multiple Cosmos projects including DAO DAO, Juno Network, and Stargaze. He’s a self-identified DAO Maximalist.

Kai Micah Mills





Founder & CEO of Cryopets, Co-initiator of CryoDAO, Thiel Fellow

Ernest of Gaia





DAOing as an adaptation to climate change.

I test use cases for interested persons or groups who wish to store or save business value, nourish decentralized communities, and experiment with new cooperative governance tools.

I aim to assist folks in their adoption of blockchain technology and to help them find applications that suit their business needs, expand business opportunity, increase community engagement, and own or monetize their data.

My List of Projects I am active in and that folks can support! 


Ivan Linn




Ivan Linn is CEO and Founder of web3 music platform Wavv. He is known for his work in the music production of video games in the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. He is also the Music Director and Chief Conductor of the Assassin’s Creed Symphony World Tour. Linn is a member of the National Arts and Sciences Recording Academy (Grammy Awards) and ASCAP.

Jonathan Starr


The Science Commons Initiative


President of The Science Commons Initiative. Core at Gridcoin. Co-Founder of BOINCNetwork. Core at DeSci Labs. Jonathan uses technologies such as permissionless DLT architecture and open economic networks to connect the public with the system of science while accelerating the discovery of replicable and reproducible new knowledge.




Meta Gamma Delta DAO


Rachel is a Coalition Success Steward of Opolis, based in California. She has experience working in Web3 with an emphasis on DAOs, business development, public speaking, and coordinating global ambassador events.

She is also the founder of Elixir of Life LLC, an organic juice company started during the pandemic to help people prioritize health and wellness. She has worked with various non-profits using her company to support sustainability initiatives.

Rachel is dedicated to the mission of helping independent workers become self-sovereign through Opolis. She believes in democratizing employment, and empowering freelancers to take charge of their work and progress away from paternalistic employment structures, into a culture that celebrates independence.

Sven Hermann




As a DAO maxi, Sven has a deep passion for DAOs of many kinds and believes that they are the next step in the evolution of work. “We can already work wherever we want, DAOs will enable us to work on whatever we want”.

Amir Sultan Malik Awan


Menthol Protocol


Amir Awan founded the accelerator Rocket Blockchain after dropping out of his phd researching the application fields of web3 and digital business modell innovations in 2019. Since 2022 Amir is focused on Menthol Protocol as a Co-Founder leading the Go-To-Market of the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and Climate-Tech solution with the vision to make web3 jointly the first climate-positive industry with a few clicks.

Oleg Fomenko


Sweat Economy


Cofounder of Sweatcoin and Sweat Economy – the largest TGE and on-ramp in web3 history. Now building a DAO for tens of millions of users.

Tyler Morrey


Upside Cooperative


Tyler Morrey is CEO and Co-Founder at UpsideDAO, a tokenized platform for bridging the gap between traditional startups and the people. Tyler also leads partnerships as a core team member of the UtahDAO. In his previous life, Tyler was a complex securities valuation consultant where he worked with hundreds of startups and public companies and was the first-ever credential recipient of the Certified in the Valuation of Financial Instruments from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Carlos Noe Saavedra


Fyde Treasury


Co-Founder at Fyde Treasury as the Head of Growth & Innovation. Founder of London Business School Blockchain Society and currently chair of LBS Alumni DAO. Named to Inicio Ventures’ 100 Rising Latinix Founders to Watch list. Graduated from LBS, Cal Poly SLO and attained a CFA® designation.

Dale Adams


Atelier | Post-Archtekt


I’m the founder and self-described Sonic/Visual Post-Architekt at Atelier | Post-Architekts. We believe the in the power of stories to change your perspective using Web3 storytelling. Our first episode of Surfing On Entropy is available on the website surfingonentropy.com.

John @List of DAOs/ELI5




John is co-founder of the List of DAOs, which has now grown into Decentralist.com a directory for decentralized resources. The resource now includes information on over 275+ DAOs, over 85 web3 articles, 50 NFT artists, and more. John is also part cofounder of ELI5 DAO which stands for Explain it Like I’m Five Years Old. The DAO test DAO tools and simplifies understanding for those in or coming into the space.

Jordan Gray


TENK Studio



As co-founder of CODAME and TENK Studios, Jordan has been at the forefront of creating innovative experiences that merge art, technology, and play in UX. Since 2021 he’s advised 100s of DAOs & projects building on NEAR Protocol. Jordan is also a Dayan Qigong Shifu certified by WenWu in El Cerrito 🐣

Aakaash Meduri




Alfred Kim




Andrew Verbinnen






Oracle Designs


DAO Operations & Growth Contributor at Bankless Consulting. Impact DAOs maxi. Founder of Oracle Designs (oraclehq.xyz).

Anthony “Zombie Shepherd”




“Creative Producer, Musician, & Audio Engineer for Zim Teemo Animation Studio, Bankless DAO, Aavegotchi DAO, & GMI; Discordian by nature.
You’re not bullish enough on web 3 music and NFTs.”

Anthony Velez




“NoFuturistic is the founder of GotchiNews.Network, a website devoted to covering all the happenings of Aavegotchi. Since 2021, NoFuturistic has covered all the major events of the Aavegotchi ecosystem, providing timely insight into all things Gotchi on his YouTube channel, Music City Gotchigang.
He is also a Director of the AavgotchiDAO Foundation, the legal entity representing the Aavegotchi DAO. Besides his adventures in Aavegotchi, NoFuturistic is also a talented rapper and photographer with a penchant for the degenerate.”

Ariella Coler-Reilly


Web3 Women in Science


Austin Griffith



“Hey! I’m @AustinGriffith, I build lots of random things and try to teach other developers too!

👨‍💻 I work for the Ethereum Foundation focusing on developer onboarding, mentoring, and tooling.”

Kenny Miller




Co-founder of StudioDAO, an indie content studio built to empower Filmmakers to develop, produce and distribute in partnership with their audience.

Creative innovation for Apple, Disney, The Walking Dead, Netflix, MTV, Nickelodeon, Noggin, and the New York Knicks.

Contributor to JuiceboxDAO , MoonDAO and SharkDAO. 





Co-Founder at Samudai; Gitcoin Kernel Block 3 Fellow; Member at Public Nouns; Prev worked with Collab Land

Lana Dingwall




Lana Dingwall is a business and growth consultant, web3 enthusiast, DAO contributor, real estate investor, speaker, co-founder of Astrid Park, podcast host, and a best-selling author. Lana coaches and consults with web3 projects, founders and builders, as well as web2-based online businesses. Co-creator/founder of Astrid Park, a camper motel that is currently making its way into the web3 space with the launch of their Park Pass (nfts) that unlock free stays, forever discounts and other cool perks within the Astrid Park ecosystem. Lana is also a core contributor for blu3DAO where they help bring people to hackathons all over the world and their teams hold a 97% win rate.

Linda Lu


Oasis Network


As Head of Ecosystem, Linda leads cross-functional teams, including marketing, community, and business development. Before that, Linda worked in early-stage venture capital and capital markets, where she focused on SaaS, developer tools, and blockchain infrastructure.
Linda graduated from Columbia Business School with an MBA.

Benji Leibowitz









Community Manager @Nori. Mage @PolygonGuildStG. Host @GotchiBrothers and DAO Director for @aavegotchi. Simple psychonaut with a passion for the Outdoors, 🦇🔊, Polygon, Gotchigang & Climate Change.

Daniel Uribe




Dave Rodman


The Rodman Law Group


Dave Rodman is a Colorado-based attorney whose legal expertise includes cannabis, crypto/blockchain, intellectual property, and securities law. He is the founder and Managing Partner of The Rodman Law Group, a law firm in Denver, Colorado. Dave has been practicing cryptocurrency and blockchain law since late 2016 and serves as counsel for many companies and projects in the Web3 space. He is also a mentor in various accelerators and incubators where he has donated time free of charge to countless participants as they attempt to navigate the inherently complex regulatory landscape of Web3.

Dave leaves breathes and eats blockchain and crypto, and he is proud of the fact that in addition to advising clients in the space, he is a true DeFi degen and he also makes angel investments in nascent projects that he believes will further the entire ecosystem.

Dave is admitted to the bar in Colorado, Michigan, Washington State, and Wyoming but represents clients across the globe He received his Juris Doctor from the University of Denver and attained his Bachelor of Arts in History from Tufts University in Massachusetts.

Dimitri De Jonghe


Nevermined / Keyko


Don Gossen


Nevermined AG


Erin @ Decentralized Diary


Decentalist.com; ELI5 DAO


Co-Founder of Decentralist.com the directory for decentralized resources, Creator of the Decentralized Diary, Co-founder of ELI5 DAO




Research Analyst at Messari. Previously, a Venture Fellow at Bloomberg Beta.

Eva Beylin



Director of The Graph Foundation | Forbes 30 under 30

Florian Glatz


Common Ground


Florian Glatz is the founder of Common Ground (commonground.cg), a novel social network built for web3 communities and DAOs. A visionary at heart, Florian paves the way for self-sovereign identities, community-led decision-making and a user-owned data economy.

Gary Sheng




US-based technologist and civic entrepreneur committed to building and highlighting tech that regenerates the world. I co-founded Civics Unplugged + Dream DAO, which train Gen Z civic innovators, and am currently focused on supporting Gitcoin DAO and various projects related to leveling up America.

Graeme Fox



Canadian Blockchain Consortium


Graeme Fox is the Co-Founder & CEO of Societal, a specialized blockchain designed for the creation and management of DAOs. Graeme is also a volunteer at the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, where he holds a role on the web3 committee. He is on a mission to help decentralize the web and society.

Israel Mirsky


House of Attention


Strategic leader and executive originally trained as a computer scientist. Following stints in m&a, early digital/social agencies and adtech, I spent over a decade inside major holdco Omnicom, including senior leadership stints at Porter Novelli, leading social and performance products at OMC technology hub Annalect, heading the global Intel account for the agency for four years (including the groundbreaking work we did for the Olympics, X-games and the Grammy’s), and leading global technology and emerging media for OMD. While at OMD, I was also the OMG representative to the 4a’s APB and one of the liasons to GARM, both key bodies in the development of brand safety standards.

I left in 2021 for an early stage startup in the nascent pharma and psychedelics space. Today I am working on projects and consulting across the range of my passion areas in web3, brand safety, adtech and pharma.

Jakub Smékal




I am a researcher and developer working on decentralized AI and tools for cognitive modeling of DAOs in DeSci.

Jason DeSimone “Lost Local”




Commander of Creatives.

A producer. A director. A multi-hyphenate. A true web3 commando and a traditional media veteran. With 15 years of industry experience, Jason has been involved in nationally syndicated TV broadcasts, produced work for many fortune 500 companies, and staffed creative talent for massive projects. He most recently joined the team at Aavegotchi to launch their physical goods and apparel division. 

Johannes Weniger




Jonathan Kung

Science Publishing DAO


    Josh McMenemy




    Joshua Bate




    Joshua Sum


    College DAO



    Joshua is a product leader in the blockchain and Web3 space, and is the Co-founder of College DAO, Zenji Labs, and BeatNami. Joshua was an early employee at Treehouse Finance, and worked closely with the founding team to build the first iterations of the DeFi portfolio analytics platform.



    Request Finance


    I am a seasoned BD, working in the web3 space for 2,5+ years. I have got
    very good knowledge about DeFi and what is/will be happening in the space.
    I have moderated two DeFi panels last year (ETHWarsaw and ETHGathering in Barcelona).
    My day job is Request Finance and night job is contributing to few other orgs/DAOs.

    Manuel Olariu





    I’m the founder of DeepVenture.io and I’m building a decentralized IP-NFT marketplace for the Space industry. I am also the initiator, one of the founding members and catalyst of ReFiDAO DeSpace: Space Founder Circles. I also worked with influencers in the Space industry to win corporate partners and supported my previous mentors with Dealflow in Biotech and Healthcare. My background is in logistics, finance, business development.

    Marcus Pousette`




    Meg Lister


    Flipside Crypto


    Meg Lister has been working and leading DAOs for 2 years (basically an eternity in crypto). She currently serves as VP of DAO at Flipside Cypto, leading day-to-day operations and strategy for MetricsDAO. She learned to DAO at Index Coop, including serving on the Index Council. She is also an advisor at ReHash DAO.

    Outside of DAO-land, Meg has built and led product management teams in Web3 & Web2. She’s motivated by solving customer problems, building cool stuff on-chain, and worker-led labor revolutions. She has 2 cats and 1 dog (all very poorly behaved).

    Nathan Phillips



    Nathan is building Celium, a DAO to craft new language tools for decentralization and increase the relevancy of DAO values and technology by building and promoting accessible and effective organizational structures

    Nick Hynes


    Oasis Network


    Nick is the Tech Lead at Oasis, and is working on building the privacy layer for Web3 on Sapphire, the first ever confidential EVM. Previously, Nick was a PhD student at UC Berkeley working on secure, private AI. He holds a M.Eng degree from MIT in EECS with a focus on AI.

    Niklas Anzinger


    Infinita VC


    Niklas is the founder and GP of Infinita, the first Prospera-based VC fund, focused on startup cites & network states. Before Infinita, Niklas was an entrepreneur and early-stage startup operator (1x zero to series-B, 1x seed to series-B, 1x failed), management consultant and political analyst.

    Nishant Bhaskar




    Co-founder of Lomads, a crypto-native ERP platform streamlining transactions and permissions. Experienced innovation strategist with a background in business model development, and new venture creation. Formerly consulted Fortune 500 companies such as P&G and Intel, and led the design and development of IoT and voice-enabled products at Godrej Group.

    Richard Blythman




    Richard is a machine learning engineer with experience in big tech, universities and AI startups. He is the co-founder of Algovera, a project developing a platform to build and deploy personalized AI assistants (like ChatGPT) for decentralized communities.

    R Morgan Stuart, MD




    I earned my undergraduate degree from Duke University and my medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. I completed my residency in neurological surgery at the Neurological Institute of New York at Columbia University Medical Center. While at Columbia University, I conducted research in advanced neuro-monitoring techniques and data analytics for acute brain injury and have authored numerous scientific publications and book chapters. More recently, I have become passionate about web3 and its transformative potential in the healthcare arena. This has led to the creation of MedDAO, a decentralized global community and protocol with the primary mission of distributing medical knowledge without boundaries, barriers of intermediaries.

    As a practicing neurosurgeon for over ten years, I have experienced the inequalities, inefficiencies and silos of the healthcare system on a daily basis. Through these experiences I have gained an understanding of the needs and wants of colleagues, patients, caregivers and the many other stakeholders in our collective healthcare system. These experiences were the catalyst for MedDAO. As the concept was refined we grew the core team to include other clinicians, patient advocates and experts in multiple complementary disciplines. As we continue to forge partnerships and collaborations within the web3 and healthcare spaces, develop DAO and web3 tooling, tech solutions, and primitives within the platform and drive interest and network effects we feel that MedDAO is poised to establish its place at the center of the intersection of healthcare and web3, and has the potential to completely transform the way healthcare is delivered on a global scale.

    Rohan Agarwal




    Rohan is the cofounder and CEO of Cypherock. Rohan has been developing software since 2014 and has been in the Crypto space since 2017. He has worked with organizations such as Blockgeeks, Fossasia (Google Summer of Code), Apollo Munich, Siftr Labs (acq.), and Samsung amongst others. He is a generalist by nature having worked across both technical and non-technical roles in the past.

    Ron Rivers




    Ron Rivers is the author of Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis and has spent the past two decades building communities around big ideas. A technical generalist whose accomplishments range from being a web2 founder with an exit, non-profit executive director, inventor, community activist and organizer, state senate candidate, among other occupations. Ron is known for being a visionary in civic technologies, open governments, and a more transcendent approach to organizing self and system.



    40 Acres DAO


    Meet Russ, a 25 year old founder from Philadelphia and Austin. Russ is dedicated to building the intersection between tech and culture, and is on a mission to bridge the gap for kids to get into tech. As a co-founder of the “40 Acres and a DAO” initiative, Russ is working to create sustainable communities of color through education, empowerment, and engagement. In addition to this, Russ is building the Proof of Vibes protocol, the first blockchain-based platform that rewards users for their good vibes and positive contributions to the community.





    Sergey Sevidov international networker, startup’s advisor, blockchain and crypto enthusiast, founder of Web3Go





    Shaka Lei Kaumaka is a multi-ethnic troubadour, entrepreneur, and community developer. He spent his childhood in Colorado and was introduced to the ukulele by his grandmother in Hawaii. Shaka worked with the band Dispatch for 5 years, supporting local communities in Nicaragua and production crew for concerts at major venues. He became involved in the blockchain community by volunteering at hackathons and sharing music. He discovered Broadcastr and worked with Pablo to stream the first live NFT jam session at ETH Berlin. Shaka received a scholarship from the Ethereum Foundation for Devcon 6 in Bogota and co-organized the Chiva Lounge music space. He hopes to continue traveling to events, supporting creators and artists through NFTs and the blockchain.





    Code is the President of Minority Programmers Association, an international network of developers empowering marginalized communities. Founder @ GenaDrop (open source NFT minting engine + marketplace), Chief of Staff @ Banyan Collective, Co-Founder of BluntDAO, Member of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance





    Clinamenic is a core team member of Lobby3, PubDAO and JournoDAO, and is the co-founder and chairman of the DAO Coalition. He is passionate about the non-financial applications of distributed ledger technology, especially in the areas of governance, organizational design and civics.

    Theo Beutel




    DAO Coordination Lead @Safe

    Thomas Landrain


    Just One Giant Lab (JOGL.io)







    Aavegotchi DAO supporter and Captain of the $GHST SHIP.
    I promote and onboard interest in the Aavegotchi community, web3 gaming/NFTs and DeFi via my IRL business doing sailing charters in South Texas.
    Background in visual journalism, photography and all things on the water.



    TIX Protocol


    Founder, contributor, and advisor in the broader Cosmos ecosystems. Currently building TIX Protocol, a decentralized event ticketing platform and entertainment. Associated projects: Angel Protocol, the Web3 Builders Alliance, Nolus, and CRDO.

    Vaida Saulyte




    Currently, I’m an Education Lead MetricsDAO & FTWDAO and run a web3 professional development community for women – PowHER.

    Through engaging educational training courses and workshops, I help professionals to navigate the web3 space through breaking barriers of confusion, chaos and accessibility. 

    Willy Ogorzaly





    Community member at ShapeShift and Giveth living in Austin, TX.
    Head of Decentralization for the Fox Foundation.
    Former founder/CEO of Bitfract (acq ShapeShift) and JustLegal (acq DigitalTown).

    yonks.eth|③🏡|Jason Younker





    Real Estate & Digital Assets Coach. We simplify Real Estate investing with web3 innovation. Co-Founder @3winDAO + @REtokenDAO.